There’s no infidelity in Sport

28 Jun

FootballSome things in life come with unwritten rules. For example, once you choose a football team to cheer, you stick with your pick till the day you die! So whether you beat your chest and rant ‘Glory Glory Man United’ or then believe that ‘Blue is the colour and football the game’, you put your right hand on your heart and do your part. You take the pledge.

Now what pledge, I’m not sure, but it could go something like ‘I promise to cheer you tirelessly; In good times and in bad, I’ll rejoice when you win, When you lose I’ll be sad; I’ll never say goodbye, not till I die; even when in my grave, I’m sure you’ll be brave; and score goals so that I remain one happy soul. On this day, I pledge to you my support.

You can then lock yourself in the room and prepare your arsenal; bond with those who root for the same squad, and give ‘the look’ to those who don’t. Don’t compromise. Don’t miss a single game; save your pocket money to buy tickets. Sport the emblem. Sport the jersey. Rope your dad into your plans – he may be the dude you’ll watch the maximum games with; it’s probable that your girlfriend won’t understand the fanaticism, that’s okay, you could just leave her; but don’t ditch your team! That’ll be utter character assassination. Blasphemy. You’ll be judged, and tried in the court of life, and I wouldn’t think much of you.

In fact, your support for a side ought to be so permanent that you could have the logo of your team tattooed on your back, crack or wherever else and people would understand.

Sport teaches you to be loyal; even if on the offside, we occasionally hear of the likes of John Terry and Ashley Cole in a penalty spot – playing their own games away from home. Tsk, tsk to that, but their WAGs usually take care of it – throw a fit, kick them good, file the papers, tweet the bad stuff, and sometimes walk out. Even then, the pretty girls want their favourite team to win, for more reasons than just hefty alimony, I’m sure.

A little about the on-going UEFA Euro2012
UEFA is the European Football Championship often referred to as the Euro Cup
The full form of UEFA is Union of European Football Associations
This year’s Euro Cup is hosted by Ukraine and Poland
Like the World Cup, it takes place every 4 years
No. of participating nations: 16
Spain beat Portugal just yesterday to enter the Finals
Germany to play Italy in the Semis today
The winner of Euro 2012 gets an automatic entry into FIFA 2013

NOTE: We share the same world map: Please don’t go about saying that you are rooting for Brazil or Argentina in the Euro 2012. Brazil and Argentina don’t play the Euro Cup simply because they are a part of South America and not Europe!



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