World Population Day

11 Jul

Ok, so I am the 4,370,454,962nd person in the world – that’s 4 billion something something…  How do I know? Well, National Geographic  told me so.  Now, the world’s population has touched 7 billion odd and we are still sitting pretty.

On July 11, 1989, when the world bounced with so many people, eyeballs popped out from witnessing the world’s population reach the 5 billion mark. It was then that United Nations decided that it was time to get out of the comfort zone and do something about it. It decided to celebrate – World’s Population Day!

No, we don’t pop open champagne bottles or any other bubbly to toast our achievement; we simply pop our brains and let the effects of population explosion sink in – it simply means more people-less food, more people-less space, more people-fewer jobs, more people-more struggle.

The ‘People Burst’ is going to adversely affect climatic conditions which will in turn cause problems of migration which will then lead to complexities like urbanization, education, employment, poverty. And everything bad.

So all in all, we have to engage in coitus sensibly, use those condoms and pray that Atlas doesn’t shrug!

In fact, the world has become heavier, naturally, and even Atlas is asking: What on earth is going on? Well, nothing much really: Kim and Khloe Kardashian are ‘exploding with joy’ over newborn niece Penelope, and the world is speculating about what the baby girl will be seen in next; Adele is going to give birth in September; and Charlie Sheen says that he can see ghosts!

Image: Arenamontanus


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