The Queen of all Opening Ceremonies

31 Jul

Her Majesty and her little pink dress were show-stealers at the London Olympics opening ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II, James Bond, Daniel Craig, London olympics, Olympics 2012, Olympics opening Ceremony I ought to begin this post with a curtsey.

Now to get on with it…

Yeah, so our eyes were glued to the TV set. We were all watching the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012, waiting eagerly for something grand to happen. And then it did: Her Majesty the Queen, dressed in a pink salmon dress jumped off a chopper, flipped like a coin tossed into the air, and thankfully didn’t land on her head. This tale, I tell you, is true!

Okay, so what if it was actually cross-dressed stuntman Gary Connery pretending to be the Queen who parachuted out of the flying machine? The act at least made all the Britons gape in shock with their stiff upper lips well parted before they realized that if their Queen could have a sense of humour, they could too. After the earth shook beneath their feet, it took all of five-minutes to get things back to normal – the Brits straightened up, adjusted their folds – stiff upper lip back in place – and clapped in perfect rhythm – 1-2-1-2 – as Queen Elizabeth II made her way to her seat with Prince Philip in tow.

While a few in the United Kingdom are amused, a few others have taken offence to this non-decorum of Her Majesty and have, as an act of revolt, dumped English tea-sets right into the Thames*. Although I would like to confess that it was much more fun to see Her Majesty loosen up and drop straight into the Olympic arena than be party to the same old clichéd Royalty hand-in-glove wave that royalty is so wont to do.

It’s wondersome how Queen Elizabeth agreed to all that unconventional dramatics. Danny Boyle, besides his Oscars and Globes, seems to have earned a Masters in Convincing, too! I believe he tricked the Queen by playing on the idiom – building castles in the air – all too literally. “Ma’am we’re building castles in the air, and you’re invited!” or better still “Ma’am don’t you think Kate Middleton has lapped up enough and more newsprint? Before the media gets ecstatic about her in her Christopher Kane ensemble, let’s show the world that we are able too!”

Queen Elizabeth is known to have nodded a vigorous yes to that one and chanced her leap of faith. Now never mind that it’s summer in the UK, after the Olympic opening ceremony, Londoners are celebrating ‘The Fall’. That too quite enthusiastically.

*Just like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman narrated in Good Omens. Don’t believe them. Or me.

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