Check your list, Mate!

10 Jan

Stop rape now

The ears are ringing with news about rape, mutilation, hate speeches, and everything ugly, and what some seemingly illiterate people think about women and other religious sects. Print space and air-time is pregnant with ignorant bores suggesting that girls ought to go out only with their relatives, not use mobile phones, be home before sunset; Others take us back to the days of the Ramayana and suggest that we should not cross the Laxman Rekha; A few others urge us to refrain from being influenced by Western culture, while a concerned few make the useless effort of explaining the kind of clothes we women ought to wear.

Just two words to all these self-proclaimed intellects: Zip up! – We are not listening. For the fault, my dear regressive darlings, lies in your thought process, and not in our hemlines.

A politician has actually gone on record to say that the number of rape cases is far less in the rural villages of India, and the reason for this, he claims, is the way the lady-villagers dress. No Sir, the incident of rape cases must be far larger, but it’s the ‘voicelessness’ and lack of awareness of the female rural population in a male-dominated and chauvinistic society that may cause the ‘registered’ number of rape cases to be lower. The men, we are sure, are as hands on – if not even more-so – in a rustic ambiance.

It’s all so confusing – a section of these opinion-conferrers seem to be philanderers and another section misogynist. This makes the ‘problem of the girl child’ manifold. We are either so loved that the men can’t keep their hands off us, or we are so hated that the men can’t keep their hands off us. Also, now we are utterly confused about where we live – do we live in India, or do we live in Bharat? Are we Indian women or Bharatiya naris? I can’t tell the difference.

It’s impressive to see how so many bigot politicians are making check-lists of what Indian women should and shouldn’t do to avoid rape, when actually all they need is a four-line checklist that reads:

  • I need to get an education. Literacy is just not enough.
  • I should speak a language people understand. Ridiculous is not a language everybody gets.
  • Please beat my head flat. I need a broad mind.

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