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Hand-to-Toe: My first Yoga experience

15 Oct

I was more than happy to guest blog for SportsJig, the sports networking app that promises to do great things for people – it encourages an active lifestyle, and their initiative surely ‘moved’ me. Below, a post about my first yoga experience:

Hand-to-Toe: My first Yoga experience

I am not flexible. The only time I stretch is when I stretch out on bed, lie down and go to sleep. The feeling is quite heavenly. Ask me to touch my feet though, and I go through hell. “Also, you need to do it without bending your knees,” taunts the pesky, heavy kid next door, munching on colourful candy. “See, like this…”: Candy in mouth, head bent, his hands touching his toes, knees straight, he was eager to demonstrate the antic until a drop of candy-filled saliva touched the ground. That, he took as a signal to straighten up. Sweet.

I’ve always wanted to practise Yoga – it’s pretty cool to be able to stand on your head. (Cartwheels seem like fun, too, but we’ll keep that aside for awhile.)  Keep Reading…



One Super Bowl, Two Crazy Brothers-in-law

5 Feb

AImage second-by-second lowdown on the Super Bowl thanks to two frenzied brothers-in-law back in the US of A has left me sleep deprived, cranky and googling. For those of you, who, like me, don’t know what Super Bowl really is, it’s got nothing to do with a large helping of food. Actually, it may have something to do with food – A Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day for U.S. food consumption, after Thanksgiving, but that’s besides the point. More importantly, the Super Bowl is the most watched American broadcast of the year.

I can fathom the coolness of this event only by the fact that the numbers watching it is more than the ones that watched the final episode of M*A*S*H. Now, I know M*A*S*H is cool because this dude – Charlie’s dad, actually… Do you know Charlie? No? Ok, never mind! – not one to shed tears, actually cried when he watched the final episode of M*A*S*H. So yeah, Super Bowl is cool… like Star Wars, maybe!

It was half-time: the best part of the game, according to my sister, a true Indian girl who prefers cricket to American football, any day. Beyonce’s performance was apparently very oomphy. One of my other brothers-in-law described it as ‘Bootylicious’ (with an exclamation), while the other felt quite bad that he was discussing Beyonce’s sensuality with his wife’s cousins on a social platform. However, they both were at much ease when my sisters, their respective wives, gave them a thumbs up, because they, too, thought Beyonce was hot, and honestly, quite out of reach!

The excitement was interrupted by a power outage. Someone cut off the power chord in the stadium, and around 80,000 people were ‘stranded’ and felt ‘cheated’. My brothers-in-law included. Outrage. ‘Typical New Orleans’ the puny one typed, in all CAPS. So much anger. It was terrifying.

While impatiently waiting  for the television to find its ‘connect’ in order to air the Super Bowl, my bro-in-law (not the puny one) found something else quite interesting. This time it was a YouTube link. Click. Now we see Kate Upton washing the all-new Mercedes Benz CLA in slow motion. I really didn’t know what to make of the ad or the man my sister has married. Anyway, they then spoke of some amazing ‘Doritos commercial – the one with the goat’, and how ‘Terrible, terrible’ some pistachio ad was. Nuts.

Power restored. Back to the game. It was supposed to be getting interesting now. They cheered some ‘touchdown’, a term not to be taken literally (All it means is that a goal has been scored). It was by Bryant McKinnie, who stands 6’8” tall and weighs 365 lbs. They called him ‘the beast’. This was followed by my puny bro-in-law asking the not-so-puny one to look up Haloti Ngata – He earns a whopping 2.9 million a year.  And they both – one an environmentalist and the other some finance guy sitting in a corner of some office – were encouraged to take up football professionally, until they were reminded that they have to be strong, very strong to play the game.

Offended, they claimed Mighty McKinnie would make a good groom for me – just like that, out of the blue. I guess they say these things just to say these things, without realising what a rich lady that would make me. They then discussed Michael Oher – ‘Blind Side’ was based on Oher – and suddenly I felt a little closer to American football than I’ve ever felt before.

Okay, so the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl XLVII. And some Joe Flacco (Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens) who was announced MVP (Most Valuable Player) was caught saying ‘f***ing awesome’ on camera, and the people went plain crazy.The Americans went to sleep, and we Indians didn’t wake up because we hadn’t slept in the first place.

Having spent hours following this update, I assumed that Baltimore Ravens was the side my brothers-in-law were cheering. After all, McKinnie, Ngata, Oher – the ones they had spoken about – were on the Ravens Team. But when asked if they were celebrating the win, they used words like ‘Yuck’ and ‘Never’ and asked if I were mad, and what had gotten into me. And then complained about how the wrong team had won.

They eventually went back to discussing Kate Upton and the Doritos commercial, the one with the goat. And I didn’t know what to make of all this, or the men my sisters have married.

Why I felt like Tendulkar on Marathon Day

23 Jan

Mumbai MarathonThe Mumbai Marathon is the most important day for the city of Mumbai. Mumbaikars put their best foot forward on this day, and the City with Heart looks its best with bobbing heads and thumping feet against a lovely skyline.

Here is an attempt at capturing the Mumbai Half-Marathon experience as Guest-Blogger on, a site that highlights everything Mumbaiya. Read on, if you will:

(Image: PTI Photo/by Shashank Parade)

The Queen of all Opening Ceremonies

31 Jul

Her Majesty and her little pink dress were show-stealers at the London Olympics opening ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II, James Bond, Daniel Craig, London olympics, Olympics 2012, Olympics opening Ceremony I ought to begin this post with a curtsey.

Now to get on with it…

Yeah, so our eyes were glued to the TV set. We were all watching the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012, waiting eagerly for something grand to happen. And then it did: Her Majesty the Queen, dressed in a pink salmon dress jumped off a chopper, flipped like a coin tossed into the air, and thankfully didn’t land on her head. This tale, I tell you, is true!

Okay, so what if it was actually cross-dressed stuntman Gary Connery pretending to be the Queen who parachuted out of the flying machine? The act at least made all the Britons gape in shock with their stiff upper lips well parted before they realized that if their Queen could have a sense of humour, they could too. After the earth shook beneath their feet, it took all of five-minutes to get things back to normal – the Brits straightened up, adjusted their folds – stiff upper lip back in place – and clapped in perfect rhythm – 1-2-1-2 – as Queen Elizabeth II made her way to her seat with Prince Philip in tow.

While a few in the United Kingdom are amused, a few others have taken offence to this non-decorum of Her Majesty and have, as an act of revolt, dumped English tea-sets right into the Thames*. Although I would like to confess that it was much more fun to see Her Majesty loosen up and drop straight into the Olympic arena than be party to the same old clichéd Royalty hand-in-glove wave that royalty is so wont to do.

It’s wondersome how Queen Elizabeth agreed to all that unconventional dramatics. Danny Boyle, besides his Oscars and Globes, seems to have earned a Masters in Convincing, too! I believe he tricked the Queen by playing on the idiom – building castles in the air – all too literally. “Ma’am we’re building castles in the air, and you’re invited!” or better still “Ma’am don’t you think Kate Middleton has lapped up enough and more newsprint? Before the media gets ecstatic about her in her Christopher Kane ensemble, let’s show the world that we are able too!”

Queen Elizabeth is known to have nodded a vigorous yes to that one and chanced her leap of faith. Now never mind that it’s summer in the UK, after the Olympic opening ceremony, Londoners are celebrating ‘The Fall’. That too quite enthusiastically.

*Just like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman narrated in Good Omens. Don’t believe them. Or me.

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World Population Day

11 Jul

Ok, so I am the 4,370,454,962nd person in the world – that’s 4 billion something something…  How do I know? Well, National Geographic  told me so.  Now, the world’s population has touched 7 billion odd and we are still sitting pretty.

On July 11, 1989, when the world bounced with so many people, eyeballs popped out from witnessing the world’s population reach the 5 billion mark. It was then that United Nations decided that it was time to get out of the comfort zone and do something about it. It decided to celebrate – World’s Population Day!

No, we don’t pop open champagne bottles or any other bubbly to toast our achievement; we simply pop our brains and let the effects of population explosion sink in – it simply means more people-less food, more people-less space, more people-fewer jobs, more people-more struggle.

The ‘People Burst’ is going to adversely affect climatic conditions which will in turn cause problems of migration which will then lead to complexities like urbanization, education, employment, poverty. And everything bad.

So all in all, we have to engage in coitus sensibly, use those condoms and pray that Atlas doesn’t shrug!

In fact, the world has become heavier, naturally, and even Atlas is asking: What on earth is going on? Well, nothing much really: Kim and Khloe Kardashian are ‘exploding with joy’ over newborn niece Penelope, and the world is speculating about what the baby girl will be seen in next; Adele is going to give birth in September; and Charlie Sheen says that he can see ghosts!

Image: Arenamontanus

World Music Day

22 Jun

World Music DayJune 21 was World Music Day or as the French would prefer to call it: Fête de la Musique . Now we don’t know which philharmonic was actually behind this custom: It could either have been a French Minister (Jack Lang, for suckers for detail) or then some American singer (Joel Cohen, I’m told) in France who got so happy when some enthusiastic astronomer informed him of the rising sun in the Northern hemisphere that he decided to welcome the blazing star rather warmly. He spent the whole night celebrating by making music under the starry sky.

How does this concern me? Well, it didn’t at all until a year ago. I had never celebrated International Music Day in my life until the term started trending on Google! A few friends now meet up and bond over The Doors, Bob Marley and the likes, on June 21, every year. As for me, the crunch of the butter popcorn is melodious enough and keeps me going.

I’m not the one with musical ears, you see: I can never guess a song or the singer! My feet go tippity-tap to a Justin Bieber number – something about Christmas and mistletoes – as much as they do to a Nickelback anthem. I don’t know song lyrics and I can’t sing in tune. In short, I’m musically challenged and a disaster, especially on karaoke nights.

However, I tend to have a way with kids, I swear. I must sing Twinkle twinkle little star very well.