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Do sport films help make sport popular?

24 Dec

Do Bollywood sport films help make sports more popular?

With the release of movies like Dangal and Sultan, I wonder if the larger-than-life portrayals of sport stories on the big screen affect the popularity of the sport they are based on: Did Chak De India, in any way, contribute to the rise of hockey? Did Bhaag Milkha Bhaag get individuals to take up athletics? And will the recently released Dangal inspire more women to pursue wrestling?  Keep Reading:


The name is Holmes, James Holmes

26 Jul

Joker, Batman, Dark KnightNow what would I have thought of a man named James Holmes if one were to come up and introduce himself to me before that ‘dark night’.

“Hi, I’m James, James Holmes,” he may have said.

And I may have been delighted. A James (Bond) plus a (Sherlock) Holmes hardly leaves you asking for more. He would’ve been street smart, would’ve possessed the perfect mix of brawn and brain; would’ve been a top FBI agent, solving crimes and bringing to book all the bad men of the world. That would’ve been so cool. He would’ve worn a stunning woman on his arm, and would’ve left all the hot actresses of Hollywood begging for the part next.

Actually, he could’ve been a Batman-like character in his own right. Sadly, the infamous James Holmes chose to be the Joker instead, and nothing of what he did on the night of July 19 was amusing. It would’ve been had he entered the Aurora theatre in Colorado with a toy gun that sprayed water instead of ammo that actually worked. Now something like that would’ve surely earned the guy some Facebook friends, if nothing else. Instead he killed 12 and wounded 58! Mean kid. Bad seed. Hurt people.

A lowdown on what is known to have happened at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora theatre, Denver: James Holmes got himself a ticket for this much-awaited event. Saw the first-half of the film. Went to his car during the interval. Returned with guns. Began shooting. Killed some. Hurt many. Eventually gave himself up to the cops in the car-park area.

James now finds himself in solitary confinement, and has made even the Arapahoe Detention Centre a three-ring circus. The Batman nemesis is working hard at being the ‘spitting image’ of Jack. Yes, he has been spitting on prison guards. Nay, not cool at all. So now he has on himself a face mask, ankle shackles, and Holmes is particularly happy with the green bullet-proof vest given to him. It fits in well with the Joker’s palette of colours. Purple. Orange. Green.

Our red-haired James Holmes is not compos mentis. He continues to believe that he is shooting for a movie, and that he is simply enacting his part. Try telling him he is insane and he’d probably turn around, laugh that laugh and tell you that he thought he is Pisces. He may then just gun you down, marvel at the deep red of your blood, and feel liberated. Shot well taken.

I feel sorry for the guy. He has made life into a motion picture and isn’t getting good reviews for it. Whom is he considering director by the way? And how many million dollars is he – the actor – getting paid? Well, it was never about the money, for the Joker.  It was always about sending a message. But James Holmes doesn’t even have a message. As far as he is concerned, he’s just acting in a film, or is trying to act like he is acting in one. Phew! Over to you Psychiatrist!

The Dark Knight massacre has left filmmakers the world over accused of inspiring violence. Not fair at all. For out of a million, there’s just one that set out to be the Joker. The rest are inspired to be Batmen. Also, James Holmes, who apparently saw the first half of The Dark Knight Rises is curious to know what happens in the end in the film. He’s been asking around. Well, try asking that again pretty boy, and the cat may just get your tongue.

P.S.: Deepest condolences to the families who lost their dear and near ones in this horrific episode that shouldn’t have ever happened.

Photo Credit: Orlando Aquije, Deviantart