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World Music Day

22 Jun

World Music DayJune 21 was World Music Day or as the French would prefer to call it: Fête de la Musique . Now we don’t know which philharmonic was actually behind this custom: It could either have been a French Minister (Jack Lang, for suckers for detail) or then some American singer (Joel Cohen, I’m told) in France who got so happy when some enthusiastic astronomer informed him of the rising sun in the Northern hemisphere that he decided to welcome the blazing star rather warmly. He spent the whole night celebrating by making music under the starry sky.

How does this concern me? Well, it didn’t at all until a year ago. I had never celebrated International Music Day in my life until the term started trending on Google! A few friends now meet up and bond over The Doors, Bob Marley and the likes, on June 21, every year. As for me, the crunch of the butter popcorn is melodious enough and keeps me going.

I’m not the one with musical ears, you see: I can never guess a song or the singer! My feet go tippity-tap to a Justin Bieber number – something about Christmas and mistletoes – as much as they do to a Nickelback anthem. I don’t know song lyrics and I can’t sing in tune. In short, I’m musically challenged and a disaster, especially on karaoke nights.

However, I tend to have a way with kids, I swear. I must sing Twinkle twinkle little star very well.